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NGU Property Group is a property developer that will develop a wide range of project types in the SEQ property market. NGU Property Group is spearheaded by Emil Juresic, who has a proven track record for successful developments spanning 20 years. For our work with NGU Property Group, we created for them a sleek and minimalistic website to put the company on the map. In our design work, we crafted business cards, letterheads, and brochures to tie in with the brand identity that we created for the business. Over the years, our media team has filmed and photographed the extraordinary builds produced by NGU Property Group.
Digital Design, Photography, Videography, Web Development
Lightning at 118 Hawken Drive
Front of the beautiful 112 Mowbray Terrace
Front of the beautiful 118 Hawken Drive Terrace
118 Hawken drive rumpus
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