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Your creative team of innovative thinkers and boundary-pushers who are ready to take your business to the next level.  

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Photo & Video

NGU media offers premium videography and photography services for a wide range of products, events, and businesses.



Crafting a Brand Identity, creating Logomarks, and building a brand strategy for business ventures that will show the world who they are.

Digital Design

Utilising the fastest growing advertising platform, NGU Media offers services such as Email Marketing campaigns and content for all your social media platforms.


NGU media also has expertise in developing websites using modern technologies and similar areas like WordPress Development, and User Interface / User Experience Design.

Print Design

NGU Media offers a range of Print design Services including Brand collateral, Publications, Brochures & Flyers, Packaging, and Product Design.

Social Media

With content provided by our Videographer / Photographer professionals, we can provide a strategy to grow social media following through multiple platforms.

Play Video about NGU Media in action in front of aFerrari
Play Video about NGU Media in action in front of aFerrari

Our past work


NGU Media is the fast-growing turnkey media service provider and digital marketing studio based in Australia, established in 2017. We provide a wide range of services from Videography, Photography, Branding, Development, Design, and Digital Marketing Services. With multiple years of videography and design experience combining strategic thinking and creativity, delivering effective branding and digital marketing solutions for new and old companies alike. 


We are groundbreaking in the advertisement market with our pioneering of social media content and marketing strategies that have made big business names in Australia what they are today. We have what it takes to take your business to the next level and break records of eyes on your posts, awareness of your brand, and ultimately clients through your door. 

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